Sew Fab

I have been interested in gardening for about 20 years now ever since

we moved from a flat to a house with an overgrown garden.

Until recently I worked in a Primary School as a pupil support assistant

and five years ago I started a garden club in the school. We started

with no actual garden as it was an inner city school and also no money.

With lots of help and enthusiasm from the children we were able to

turn it into an award winning garden which has been greatly admired by

the school staff, parents and members of the public.

You can read about the garden at

Now that I have left school I have two obsessions  gardening and fabric.

 With a bit of trial and error I have hit on some ideas combining the

two,which is making things to sell at local craft fairs.

I also sell some of my things online from this website. My best sellers

so far have been lavender bags and fabric seed cards which contain

easy to grow seeds that encourage bees and butterflies into the garden.